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Petros the Pelican – The Mascot of Mykonos

Adults and kids alike enjoy a trip to the waterfront of Chora on Mykonos. It is the home of an old celebrity: Petros the pelican.

The star of Mykonos, Petros (Peter) has been the island’s mascot for some time. He was one the pelicans in the flock which flew to Mykonos from the mainland back in the 1950s. After a storm, the pelican gave up migrating to become a local resident.

He became so popular after his death, when a successor had to be found to replace him. Petros died when he was raped by a drunk tourist.

Today, another pelican (one of Petros’ successors) can still be found at the waterfront of Chora. He even has a girlfriend and they walk together along the waterfront all day.

When they stop, crowds gather to take pictures. People like to pet and feed him and he is so nice to allow them all to enjoy spoiling him.

But he is not the only “feathered” inhabitant of the island: there are also ducks and another pelican (a mean looking one, living in a deserted lot).

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