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Byzantine Church of Episkopi in Santorini

The Byzantine church of Episkopi in Santorini is a place to pray and enjoy the paintings

If you plan to go to Kamari, near Mesa Gonia (a ruined village now), there is the Byzantine Church of Episkopi. The church was founded in Santorini by Emperor Alexios I Comnenos at the end of the 11th century.It is a four column church with dome.

The paintings are of excellent quality and greatly preserved, as well as the templon (iconostasis, made of carved wood). The church is decorated in technique of mastic wax.

Each year on August 15, large crowds gather at the church as it is the day of its Patron Saint and a big celebration takes place outside of the church. The church is open the whole year and entrance is free.

The church’s roof and outer walls were repaired in 1986.

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