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Holidays in Amorgos Island

amorgosAmorgos is a unique island, with high, craggy mountains,that cut sharply down to the sea. Amorgos is situated in the eastern Cyclades close to the Dodecanese.

The island covers an area of 121 square kilometers, with just 1,650 inhabitants "foss about", right in the middle of the east a Aegean.

Amorgos reflects images of the many periods of the history of Greece Marble statuettes, ceramics and metalwork found on the island, dating back to the high level of art, and importance of the island as a center of the Cycladic civilization in this ancient period.

Three towns. Arkessini, Minoa and Egiali sealed with their precence the historic years, especially in Arcaic, Classic and Hellenistic times. Amorgos's innumerable chapels, patterns of traditional island architecture, reveal through interior shaping and decoration, their initial function as ancient sanctuaries and old Cristian icon-stands.

orthodox church in Santorini

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