Greece Mountain Villages
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Development of the Greek Mountain Villages

Travelling through Greece's mountain villages, one can get the impression that time moves differently and more slowly. Indeed, despite the progress that has been achieved and the many social, political, and economic changes, which have influenced the world in the last decade, this impression remains acute.

The peace and quiet, which formerly contributed to the economic and social liveliness of the mountain villages in Greece, today pose obstacles to the efforts made for their development.

These feelings, though they cannot be interpreted in any way, are present and have a crucial meaning for the future of the mountain villages of Greece. Consequently, the planners of development projects must recognise that incorporating the mountains in new economic and social trends will imply the availability of diverse types of qualitative data and an ability to understand the requirements for concrete proposals for the mountains' sustainable development. Positive results will require the consideration of political, social and cultural criteria, which differ considerably from simple economic criteria.

A quick review of history shows that the mountains are the foundation not only for the Greek people but also for the existence of the Greek nation through difficult periods. Indeed, the concept of 'mountain-refuge' nowhere had such a meaning and application as in Greece.

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