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Summer in Greece

summer in greeceSummer in Greece is sunny, warm and ideal for your vacation in Greece and the Greek islands.

It can get very hot in July and August with temperatures in the range of 35 Celcius or 96 Fahrenheit degrees.

If you cannot stand the high temperatures in Summer in Greece, then plan your vacation in Greece in May, June or September.

Acropolis Greece in MayMay is perhaps the best month to visit Greece, because the weather is warm and sunny, it is unlikely to rain past mid-May, and Greece is green and covered with beautiful wild flowers.

May is considered the best month for outdoors activities in Greece.

Summer in Greece: temperatures from May until September

May June July August September
Athens 20,7°C 25,1°C 27,9°C 27,7°C 24,2°C
Corfu 19,6°C 23,8°C 26,4°C 26,2°C 22,7°C
Crete - East 20,5°C 24,3°C 26,0°C 25,8°C 23,6°C
Crete - West 20,0°C 24,4°C 26,4°C 25,9°C 22,9°C
Kefalonia 19,5°C 23,3°C 25,4°C 25,7°C 23,6°C
Makedonia 19,5°C 24,2°C 26,6°C 25,8°C 21,7°C
Paros 19,8°C 23,9°C 25,5°C 24,8°C 22,6°C
Pelion 19,5°C 24,4°C 26,8°C 26,1°C 22,1°C
Peloponnese - North 19,4°C 23,6°C 25,9°C 25,8°C 22,8°C
Peloponnese - South 19,8°C 24,1°C 26,5°C 26,3°C 23,3°C
Rhodes 20,6°C 24,7°C 26,9°C 27,0°C 24,6°C
Samos 20,5°C 25,2°C 28,4°C 27,7°C 24,3°C
Santorini 19,1°C 23,3°C 25,4°C 24,8°C 22,5°C


Summer in Greece

Summer in Greece and the Greek islands

orthodox church in Santorini

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